Cheers N Paint supports many local charities by helping raise funds through Painting Party Fundraisers.


  • Set your ticket Price. (Organizations usually set their ticket price between $35-$50.).
  • Cheers N Paint charges a fee of $22 per ticket. The rest of the ticket price per person is donated back to the organization (Usually $13-$28 is donated to the cause, which is 37%-56% of the ticket price).
  • Set your date and time any day and time of the week. Planning ahead is important. Longer an event is on the calendar, better the chances of selling more tickets.
  • We advertise and sell your tickets through our online calendar and email blasts.  We expect your organization to publicize your event for a good turn out. You are welcome to sell your own tickets too.
  • The sponsoring organization provides hors devours and wine/Beer, Cheers N Paint provides the space and all painting materials and instruction.
  • Typically the painting  event is 2 hours long with additional time for presentations.
  • Fundraisers are open to all ages.
  • Visit our gallery to choose any painting. (Custom paintings are charged a one time administrative fee of $50 additional which can be added to your ticket price, or paid separately. We have a wide variety of paintings to choose from and many different themes.
  • Minimum of 15 people needed to get any fundraising event going at Cheers N Paint studios on the weekends and 10 people Monday through Thursday. However, the more seats filled, greater the donation.
  • You can choose to make Fundraisers open to the public or Private. Its your fundraiser, and your choice!
  • To reschedule a fundraising event, please give us at least 10 days notice.

Creating works of art while raising funds for charity is a great combination! THANKYOU for supporting Cheers N Paint and giving us a chance to support your organization! We strongly believe in supporting our local community. 

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