FUN Things to do with Kids- Have a painting party for Kids!


We offer many exciting Painting and Art Classes for Kids. Classes are posted on our calendar.                  .


We offer REALLY exciting kids' painting sessions. Party rooms can be reserved for kids birthdays or other celebrations.

Choose one of the following Canvas Sizes for private events:

11X14 canvas, $20 per child.

16X20 Canvas $25 per child

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: 8 children Except Saturdays.

Minimum 10 children required for Saturday parties.

AGES: 2-17

17 years and up click on Private Parties


Please reserve well in advance to avoid disappointment. A credit card payment is required at the time parties are booked. A minimum of 8 tickets are charged to your credit card, or 10 for Saturday Parties. If you have more children than the minimum, you can purchase all tickets at the time of booking or purchase the minimum required at the time of booking and the rest of the tickets can be bought at least 7 days prior to the event. If you have additional children at the last minute, it is usually not a problem to add.

Call, email or fill out the contact form to request private parties. We recommend that private rooms are reserved in advance. A minimum of 8 paid guests are needed to reserve in advance for all days except on Saturdays the minimum requirement is 10 kids. We can accommodate up to 50 people.  Parents are welcome to stay. We reserve private rooms for 2 hours for children's parties which includes 1.25 hours of painting and half hour for eating and socializing and 15 minutes for pictures. Extended time can be requested in advance for $50 per half hour.  


  • Feel free to bring cake, food and non-alcoholic boxed beverages for adults and kids (no pour-type open container  drinks please). Please avoid messy foods and we don't allow popcorn.
  • Feel free to bring themed paper products, or if you like, you can use our generic paper plates.
  • For your convenience we have cake spatula at the studio and  generic plates, napkins and forks.

Please Note:

Only the kids paint with the instructor during kids classes and parties. Adults are welcome to stay and enjoy the experience but we highly recommend that adults refrain from correcting the children or from being louder than the children. Our instructors will guide and assist the children as needed.  The idea is for children to have fun while painting.  Each child works on a painting based on their own creativity, imagination and skill level. When parents assist the children, they are sending cues to children that their painting is not good enough which lowers their self esteem. Please let the children decide on the colors themselves. Please refrain from correcting the children and be very proud of their paintings! You are welcome to assist handicapped children. Please let us know ahead if you are bringing a special needs child to the studio. Parents are welcome to assist their child with wearing aprons and getting them seated and assisting with washing their hands. If you see that your child is having a bad day or the child is having difficulty focusing and when your child's behavior is affecting the rest of the class, feel free to gently divert the child or take him or her out of the studio to talk to them.

Kids can take their paintings home after they are completed unlike ceramics where their pieces need to be fired. Paintings are ready to be hung on walls----- instant gratification for kids!


We offer several Mommie N Me classes for moms n kids (significant others welcome). Check out our calendar for these specially priced classses. Both moms n kids paint in these classes on the same canvas. Size of canvas changes with the type of painting.  You can request a private party for moms n kids if you have more than 8 in your group.

Summer Art Camps 

We are offering Summer Camps for school age kids during the summer months. Please refer to our calendar for details.